Today it is impossible to achieve a high level of sportsmanship without a professional attitude, for the requirements for athletes' training are extremely high, which makes the optimization of sports enterprises' activities is inevitable.
SmartSport is an innovative technological platform that pro-vides for efficient management of sports organization and automa-tion of the training process in order for the athletes to achieve max-imum results.
SmartSport is focused on team sports and can be used by sports federations, clubs, schools and academies regardless of their country of location and language.



The system adapts to the features and structure of workout or business processes, and its modules are to be configured in stages.



for Managers

  • Transparency of business processes in sports institutions
  • Increasing the potential transfer value of the athletes thanks to a new quality approach to the process of their train-ing.
  • High speed of information exchange and remote access to stored data
  • All the services of the sports institution working in a unified information space
  • Assessment of the performance of the coaches and ad-ministrative staff


for Coaches

  • Creation of a unified method of training athletes
  • Effective planning of the training process
  • Individual approach to the preparation of athletes of all ages
  • Effective planning of sports events


for athletes

  • Minimizing the risk of injury thanks to monitoring the ath-letes’ health and physical condition;
  • Individual approach to training
  • Effective planning and recording of sports events

CRYSTAL subsystem

CRYSTAL is a psychological support information system de-signed to automate the process of diagnosing the athletes on vari-ous parameters that determine their personal achievements and success in the team play.

The adaptability of the system functionality to the needs of sports psychologists makes it an indispensable tool for assessing the psychological characteristics of each player, as well as the internal ambience of the team.


In general, the system allows for a comprehensive psychologi-cal diagnosis of the athlete through automated tests to identify the features of their psychological portrait according to various criteria (temperament, motivation & leadership, concentration, sociometry of the player in the team, etc.).

The functionality of the Crystal system, its adaptability to any kind of needs and the obvious advantages its users obtain make it an indispensable tool in the psychological preparation of the ath-lete and the team at a new level.


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