Equestrian activity is not limited to the organization of the communication and partnership between the humans and the horses, it also includes professional sports. Today, the development of equestrian sports and training of athletes in this domain is an im-portant task that requires a breakthrough solution.



The modules of the system are to be configured in stages and adapted in accordance with the peculiarities and structure of each equestrian organization.


for owners of equestrian sports complexes/ breeding farms, or private horse owners

  • Transparency of business processes in equestrian institu-tions
  • Minimizing the risks of reduced well-being and injuries to the horses by monitoring their maintenance and food quality
  • Improving the efficiency of veterinary services, including through remote monitoring of the animals
  • Effective planning of sports events and workouts


for veterinarians

  • Ability to remotely monitor the condition of the horses during the periods of illness and rehabilitation
  • Creation of an electronic medical archive of the horses’ documents and automated data exchange with their owners
  • Monitoring the dynamics of changes in health parame-ters, taking into account veterinarians’ prescriptions
  • Keeping calendars of veterinary events with notifications and alerts configured individually.


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