A mobile application that allows drugstore customers to al-ways be in touch with the pharmacist, keep a record of purchased goods, accurфte and timely medication, and much more.


Remspharm for drugstores means:

  • Increase customer loyalty and commitment
  • Prompt notification for customers about promotions held in the drugstores
  • Reducing the drugstore staff’s workload in the “rush hours” by pre-receipt and gathering the order
  • Personalized interaction with the customer
  • Optimization of the number of staff
  • View the promotions held by the drugstore
  • Fast communication with the pharmacist



  • Receiving notifications about the possibility to pick up scheduled orders of prescription medicines from the drugstore
  • Creating and sending orders to the drugstore with the ability to attach recipe pictures
  • View the order list and status
  • View the list of purchased medicines
  • Keeping a schedule of medication according to the doctor’s prescription and receiving medication reminders
  • View all kinds of information on drugstores


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