Nowadays, cutting-edge technologies and mobile devices of-fer vast opportunities in the field of health care. The most relevant tasks of "mobile medicine" are timely tracking of diseases, possibility of diagnostics and remote monitoring.

The Remsmed platform contains data on the state of the pa-tients' health, and most importantly, medical recommendations for their treatment.



The main users of the system are family doctor or doctors on duty, as well as patients (jointly or through a trusted person).

For Doctors

  • Creation of individual patient treatment plans
  • Control of how the patient's complies with the prescrip-tions using a specially developed set of reports
  • Direct messaging and comments exchange with the pa-tients
  • Videoconferencing with the patients
  • Configuring an individual notification system for the change of a patient's status
  • Management of groups of patients formed according to the criteria specified

For Patients

  • Prompt receipt of appointments and recommendations from the doctors
  • Keeping a personal medical diary
  • Daily well-being questionnaire filling out
  • Maintaining an archive of personal medical records
  • Video appointments with experts
  • Wide range of compatible measuring instruments


For clinics and doctors

  • Fundamentally new patient services
  • Creating a pool of patients registered at the clinic
  • Being in touch with the patient constantly in a conven-ient form
  • Completeness and integrity of patient data to minimize medical errors
  • Increased patient loyalty
  • Increased number of clients with the same number of doctors


For Patients

  • New quality of patients’ life as a result of constant profes-sional monitoring their health
  • Optimization of treatment and diagnosis costs


Remsmed Pregnancy – is a pregnancy profile-tailored system of remote personal monitor-ing

  • The main users of the system are obstetricians and gynecol-ogists, other supervising medical experts, as well as pregnant pa-tients, their relatives and friends. To increase the mobility of the doc-tors and the patients, there is a mobile application for iOS and An-droid smartphones and tablets.

Features for the Doctor:

  • Creating and following individual patient monitoring plans with automatically generated and individually adjusta-ble lists of necessary actions for the entire pregnancy
  • Video appointments with the patients
  • Prompt control of the patient's compliance with the doc-tor's prescriptions throughout any period of time
  • Continuous monitoring of the evolution and interde-pendence of a wide range of parameters
  • Setting up an individual notification system for prompt re-sponse in case of situations that might require the doctor's at-tention
  • Regular messaging with the patients

Features for the Patient:

  • Getting an individual pregnancy plan
  • Keeping a personal medical diary
  • Filling out daily well-being questionnaire
  • Entering data on the compliance with the doctor's pre-scriptions, automatically informing the doctor
  • Measuring medical parameters to enter them into the system manually or automatically using mobile diagnostic de-vices
  • Maintaining an archive of personal medical records
  • Prompt video appointment with the doctor
  • Messaging with the treating doctor

The system can automatically receive the results of measure-ments of medical parameters from various devices and web-services, such as:

  • Sonomed S250 CTG monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitors: A&D, Withings, Vitadoc
  • ECG monitors: CardioJet, Vital Connect
  • Glucometers, thermometers and scales
  • Medisana Web services


For clinics and doctors

  • Rational use of the doctors’ time and resources
  • Use of innovative medical tools for mobile diagnosis of the patients’ well-being
  • More prospects for the healthcare center
  • Constant convenient contact
  • Minimization of medical errors due to data integrity


For patients

  • Individual history of pregnancy
  • Reducing the risks of premature birth, as well as the de-velopment of severe forms of various pathologies
  • Increasing access to medical care for patients from re-mote settlements
  • Increasing the involvement in the process of health moni-toring
  • Ability to control one’s health
  • Receiving feedback from the doctor


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