Agreement on Cooperation with the Moscow Football Federation and the Beskov Children’s and Youth Coaches Training Club.

On February 28, iFORS signed a cooperation agreement with the Moscow Football Federation and the Beskov Children’s and Youth Coaches Training Center.

Under the agreement, iFORS is to conduct regular seminars and workshops for the Beskov Center students or the coaches who take part in official Moscow football competitions. Moreover, joint conferences and round tables on the introduction of IT technolo-gies in the training process of Moscow football schools and amateur clubs have been planned to take place.

Alexander Startsev, CEO of the Moscow Football Federation:

“The Moscow Football Federation is always interested in all kinds of football-related developments and innovations. We be-lieve that the introduction of IT technologies is inevitable. They are successfully used in most professional football clubs, which means that this experience can and should be transferred to football schools. IFORS has already established itself as a reliable partner, their lectures at the Beskov Center are popular with future coach-es, so we hope for fruitful cooperation.”

Vadim Vize, Deputy Director of the Beskov Center:

“My cooperation with iFORS began back when I worked at the Cherenkov Spartak Academy. I participated in the development of the Psychology segment of the SmartSport system, which allows to test young players.

Today, iFORS assists in organizing IT breakthrough solutions workshops at the Beskov Children’s and Youth Coaches Training Center. The system allows to prepare summaries of training sessions in a very short time and to analyze the educational and competi-tive process at sports schools and academies. This is a very promis-ing area, and we believe that it is the future.”

Oleg Golosov, Head of Sports Direction at iFORS:

“We want to tell as many coaches as possible about the possi-bilities of IT-technologies and their important role. Our system allows to analyze data from various statistical sources and plan training sessions based on the information obtained.

The agreement with the Moscow Football Federation is an im-portant step for us, for the MFF is an advanced organization that holds competitions among a large number of teams (both chil-dren’s and amateur), and for each of them we can offer an inter-esting solution that will simplify the coach’s life and improve the ef-ficiency of the training process.”