“iFORS” Presents Its Developments at eCardiology-eHealth2018

November 1, 2018 iFORS took part in the exhibition held within the framework of the 5th European Congress on e-cardiology and e-health (eCardiology-eHealth2018). http://www.ecardiohealth2018.org/

The event was held on October 29 and October 30, 2018 in Mos-cow at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. The world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers of equipment and services in the field of digital health and cardiology presented their latest developments at the exhibition.

As noted by the organizers, this Congress is an extremely important event for the entire European medical community. Therefore, it is a great honor for Russia, and the Sechenov University in particular, to host visitors from all over the world.

E-health is one of the main priorities of the national policy for the coming years. And the Sechenov University has long been en-gaged in the development and implementation of new ap-proaches in the field of e-health and e-cardiology in clinical prac-tice. For this purpose, they use a number of solutions, including sev-eral ones developed by iFORS. Among them, first of all, we should mention RemsMed, the telemonitoring system for remote doc-tor/patient interaction, which has proved its effectiveness in the course of clinical practice for the treatment of patients with diseas-es of the cardiovascular system.

At the European Congress, iFORS presented both RemsMed, which is well-known in the Russian market and promoted globally under the EMMA brand), and their new product, EMMAREHA. This newly developed system of planning and monitoring the rehabilitation process of the patients serves to maintain and control the course of their rehabilitation, remotely or during hospital stay. The system al-lows the clinic to create rehabilitation templates, keep its own au-tomated knowledge base, develop individual programs and much more. The solution has great potential for improving the quality of medical services provided by physiotherapists, as well as increasing their availability. Sports organizations can use this system to help players recover from injuries as soon as possible.

The Congress brought together professionals from various fields: physicians, engineers, mathematicians, IT specialists, representa-tives of regulatory bodies and many others getting together to ex-change their opinions on the best developments in this field, to get acquainted with the world research and results of clinical practic-es. After all, e-health is the future of medicine, which is already here.