iFORS Presents Its Developments at the Moscow Football Fed-eration

iFORS Presents Its Developments at the Moscow Football Fed-eration

On 18 декабря, iFORS held a public workshop at the Moscow Football Federation for specialists of the Beskov Center for Training of Children’s and Youth Coaches, having presented their developments.

The Moscow Football Federation is the largest regional football federation accredited by the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow and the Russian football Union for the development of football in the Russian capital.

During this event, young ambitious coaches got acquainted with the following company’s health digitalization products: Rems-med, a telemonitoring system for remote doctor/patient interac-tion; EmmaReha, a system designed to plan and control the reha-bilitation process for the patients, both remotely and during their stay in the hospital.

SmartSport, an innovative program in the sports industry, was also presented. SmartSport is a technological platform that pro-vides for efficient management of sports organization and automa-tion of the training process in order for the athletes to achieve max-imum results. The product is focused on team sports and can be used by sports federations, clubs, schools and academies regardless of their country of location and language.

The system can be adapted to the peculiarities and structure of training and business processes. It has many features that allow collection, storage and processing of information to the automa-tion of the scouting service.
The company’s partners and customers include the Youth Football School and the Cherenkov Spartak Football Academy, where the system is already in use, which allows automating the sports activities of the academies.

The workshop participants had the opportunity to be advised by the company’s experts after the event to learn more about their capabilities and experience of implementation.